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An amazing Fitness Girl who is a friend with  wanted to share with us a fitness selfie of her amazing body ...
She is not a personal trainer (yet) but she's an amazing working lady ... yet she's amazingly have a fit and a sexy body with a six pack abs and fit and healthy life.

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Eleonora Dobrinini Fitness Model

Here’s a little back ground about the Fitness Model and the WBFF Professional Eleonora Dobrinina.
Eleonora has a commanding presence, an amazing physique, and she is downright beautiful. She is the WBFF’s Pro fitness model,personal trainer/online coach.
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Eleonora Dobrinina Competition 2014 fitness model body builder WFBB
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Eleonora Dobrinina fitness model WFBB Flat Stomach Tip
Born in Russia in 1981, June 30th , in the City of Krasnodar.Eleonora “Ella” Dobrinina is a Canada native that has traveled the world. As a result of her stop in New York, she met some of the top people in the entertainment biz that have nurtured her talent and gave her many modeling opportunities. Her physique and look are amazing. Reminding us all of a Victoria Secret model, Ella glides through everyone’s heart. Honoring every commitment to her child and building her fitness career, she has learned that doing the legwork before presenting the product is her key to success! Eleonora will be hitting the World Body and Fitness Federation stage to receive her PRO CARD and compete at the 2013 World Championships! This amazing star will be around for a very long time!!!
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Hot Butt Eleonora Dobrinina squat exercise legs workout
And if you are wondering from where she got her hot and fit legs >>> You may check Ella’s Lunges Workout in our exercises and workout tap besides the amazing and various exercises that she was doing preparing for her last competition.
Disclaimer: All the info and the pics are taken from Ella’s Facebook Page, and doesn’t own any of her pics in this biography.
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