Exercising Program for Christmas & Valentine's Day

Flat Stomach Tips, is introducing to you this Exercising program before the holidays (and further more to the valentine's day), so you can work out a bit, and get a hot fit and a better look than before .. All those exercises that will help you to lose some weight and fat are home based exercises, so no need for you to go out or to the gym to do any of them.

Ready ?

GO !

1. First of all we need some warming up, we'll start with jumping with a rope or jogging in the place, this exercises helps to warm you up as it helps the blood circulation, plus jumping with rope is very good for the heart (but be careful if you have any diseases or heart problem PLEASE Ask your Doctor before you do those exercises).
(as a warming up running for 15 - 30 minutes will be great as well if you are used to it) if you are not active .. then just stick with the rope jumping or the jogging in the place ! )

2. Let's get on the floor .. ! we'll start with the legs .. we'll start with the outside thigh muscles as you can see here in this exercise

then, the inside muscles of the thighs as you can see here in this exercise

and now to the front muscles of the thighs as u can see here in this exercise

3. We'll exercises the buttocks right now .. we'll start with the donkey kick .. it is an amazing exercise, as shown here in this exercise

then we'll do the bridge exercises .. those all will help to give you a tighter and better looking figure from there .. do it as shown here in this exercise

and now we'll stand up again and do some squats .. like this

4. we'll move to the upper part of the body now .. we'll do some stomach exercises for the stomach, and some exercises for the love handles to make your belly looks amazing just like in those exercises :
we'll start with the love handles Love Handles 1 Love handles 2 then to the stomach (toe touching exercise)

5. Now the chest muscles and the shoulders muscles ... we'll do some Push ups

And now you can just rest drink some water, and eat a fruit or something so you take the water you lost (but not the calories you lost) ..
P.S: Besides this program, you need to stay away of junk food and don't eat a lot of sweets and chocolates in the holidays ... and I'm sure you'll be doing great!

you may consider this program as Your Christmas (or valentine) present .. or a present for those who you love !

We still Love to hear from you and your stories.

Merry Christmas to all of you .... FLAT STOMACH TIPS TEAM

Get rid of love handles 2

Another great exercise to lose love handles is torso twists. The abdominals are composed of 3 layers of muscles which slide over each other, torso twists help tone the transverse abdominis muscle tightening the love handles. While standing firmly with feet shoulder width apart, the torso twists gently to the left side then to the right while at the same time trying to limit the movement from the hips. During the movements the torso should always remain upright, there should be no bending involved. Care should also be taken not to twist too far as its easy to pull a muscle when exercising the love handles!

Apart from losing fat from the love handles it is important to tone and firm the area so the abdominal muscles show through clearly.
But of course you should know that by training one area of your body you won't lose fat only from that area, but from your whole body ... But in those exercises we are working on the love handles and the stomach muscles that by training them you won't only lose fat from there (You will from different parts of your body, too), but your abdominal muscles will be shaped up ,firm and looks great.

Here you'll find the First Love Handles Exercise 1 and the First Legs Exercise 1 and the Second Leg Exercise 2 and the Butt Exercises Series ..
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Rid of love handles

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The Love Handles , eh? ...
Apart from losing fat from the love handles it is important to tone and firm the area so the abdominal muscles show through clearly.
But of course you should know that by training one area of your body you won't lose fat only from that area, but from your whole body ... But, however, in those exercises we are working on the love handles and the stomach muscles that by training them you won't only lose fat from there (You will from different parts of your body, too), but your abdominal muscles will be shaped up ,firm and looks great.

The best exercise to help tone the love handles are side bends. These place direct stress on the external oblique muscles forcing them to tone and shape up. Side bends are done by standing straight with knees slightly bent and feet apart, then slowly lower the trunk a few inches to the left side then back again to do the right side. Try to keep the body and legs in line by not bending forwards or backwards.

Please read the warning down the page ...!!!!

Here you'll find the First Legs Exercise 1 and the and The Second Leg Exercise 2 and the Butt Exercises Series ..
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Legs Exercises 3

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Continuing our Legs exercising series .. this exercise is gonna help you to tone your legs more, and strengthening your inner thighs muscles ... which is gonna give you a better figure!
This exercise is easy to do... and of course all the exercises helps you to lose weight in a way or another because you are moving your muscles and burning calories.
Do them slowly and smoothly on a firm surface. Never hold your breath while doing your exercises, as it may cause your blood pressure to rise. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop doing any exercises, and you better ask and consult your Doctor or physical thearapist.

So, How to do it:
Lie on your side. Keep your top knee bent with your foot on the mat. Lift your bottom leg up toward the ceiling and lower it slowly. just as shown in the pic.
Do this 8 times each leg .. and you can do it for 2 runs or 3 after you get used to it.

Here you'll find the First Legs Exercise 1 and the and The Second Leg Exercise 2 and the Butt Exercises Series ..
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Legs Exercises 2

Here you are another exercise to strengthen your legs and tone them up, and lose some weight, plus, exercising your butt muscles. Do them slowly and smoothly on a firm surface. Never hold your breath while doing your exercises, as it may cause your blood pressure to rise. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop doing any exercises, and you better ask and consult your Doctor or physical thearapist.

How to do it !!
Keep one leg straight and bend your other leg so your foot is flaton the floor, mat or bed. Lift your bottom up as high as possible. Slowly lower your bottom. Just as shown in the picture.

This Exercise is gonna help you to lose weight, because it is considered as a (hard) exercises .. as you left part of your body with only one leg, it will help you to tone your butt and legs and strengthen your legs muscles.

Here you'll find the
First Legs Exercise 1 and the Butt Exercises Series .. or click the links to see more of our Posts!

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Legs Exercises 1

Lose Weight, Get a shape legs and a firm body ... just do some legs exercises !
Leg exercises can be a great way to strengthen them up, tone and get them in a hot shape.

The muscles in the legs are the most powerful and the largest in human body. They have the capacity of great endurance. Legs exercises are important since they are used for everyday activity like walking, moving and running. Also, in most sports, leg muscles have to produce a tremendous amount of output of power. Plus, the sedentary lifestyles that most of us lead results in our legs becoming flabby and out of shape. Apart from developing strength and endurance, leg exercises also improve balance, and keep the leg muscles as well as the gluteus muscles toned and firm, and in great shape. Given below are one of the most effective leg exercises to help you tone them up, shape them up and get a hot legs figure .. and to lose some weight .. and Other Leg Exercises Are coming soon!!

Side Leg Lift: Lie down on the floor on your left side, extending your left arm straight on the floor, with your head resting on the arm. Put your right arm near your chest, in front, with the palm down, for support. Make sure to align your hips, so that the outer hip faces the ceiling, while the lower hip is against the floor. Bend your left leg slightly, to provide balance and support. Now, tightening the muscles of your right leg, lift it up, for a count of 2 and then lower it back down to a count of 4. Repeat 8-12 times, making sure not use momentum. Now turn over and repeat with the other leg. Once your leg muscles become stronger, you can do 3 sets per side. This leg exercise is great for strengthening and toning the outer thigh and hip which is gonna make you look great ... and shows your hot butt!! lol

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Love Handles and Stomach

Here You are 2 Amazing Exercises for your stomach and love handles !
basic crunch. This is considered better than sit ups because they do not strain your back as much. A crunch is performed simply by
Lie on your back and raise the upper part of your body a few inches off the ground, just enough to feel the strain in the stomach muscles.
The key to these movements is to be sure your stomach is doing the work and not your head, or arms.
Important tip: it is very important to keep everything straight and not lift your head more than the shoulders or your back.

Love Handles: Another movement which is also great and should be done in conjunction with the basic crunch is
Side Crunch, which works the oblique, or as some people call them “LOVE HANDLES”.
These Moves apply the same technique as the crunch, But the body is twisted slightly to one side when you raise a few inches the upper part of your body off the ground. Repeat the same thing with the opposite side.
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Here you'll find the Forth Exercise from the Butt Exercises Series ... and a lot of other exercises on this blog.

Butt Exercises Series "4"

Here you are another exercises, targeting your Butt and thighs area !
it is very simple and effective exercises.

take a look at our previous post from the "Butt Exercises Series" that targets your lower body, thighs and Butt .. you'll find them in the previous posts !

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, arms at sides, toes turned out.
Tuck tailbone under and contract glutes.
Lower body into a pli? squat as low as you can go without allowing knees to creep past toes.
Simultaneously raise arms to shoulder height in front of body, palms down. Hold for 2 seconds, then return to starting position.
After 20 reps, pulse at the bottom for 20 seconds.

Remember eating healthy food next to the exercising will give you the best results ...
good luck!

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This Article is taken from THE TIMES ONLINE ... I just copied and pasted it, if there is any reason I should not put it here then please let me know at saydnaya@gmail.com .. thank you
I know it is very long, but I kept it as it is with out any cuttings, because it is copied. and here it is just as I read it there ... good luck!


Twenty easy ways to cut 100 calories

Over a year, you could lose 10lb by cutting just 100 calories a day. Amanda Ursell reveals how easy it can be.

An extra 100 calories here and there may not sound like a big deal if you are watching your weight. Yet if over the course of one year you saved yourself this number of calories each day, you could save 36,500 in total, which equates to dropping 10lb in weight. Do the opposite and overeat by 100 calories a day and it is easy to see how weight gradually creeps on.

Check out our top 20 easy ways to lose at least 100 calories from your daily intake without feeling at all deprived.

Breakfast time


Swap a 50g bowl of crunchy nut (or other sugar-coated) cereal with milk and a slice of buttered toast and marmalade, 485 calories, for a 65g bowl of sugar-free muesli with semi-skimmed milk, topped with a chopped banana, all for only 385 calories. The latter is low GI and will be digested more slowly, keeping you fuller for longer. Also it is harder to chew the muesli and this helps to trigger appetite centres in your brain, leaving you feeling more satisfied after eating. With this breakfast you also get one of your five servings of fruit and vegetables for the day.


If you grab a blueberry muffin on your way to work, allow 520 calories. Instead you can go for a fruit scone (preferably a wholemeal one), a fruit salad and a skinny cappuccino with 326 calories, leaving another 100 for a yoghurt mid-morning. Not only are you eating more and saving 100 calories, but the scone gives 3g of your daily 18g of fibre; the fruit salad supplies a host of super-nutrients and the whole of your 40mg vitamin C needs for the day and the skinny cappuccino over half of your daily bone-building calcium. A muffin is high GI and you’ll feel hungry again within an hour or so.


A leisurely continental-style breakfast of croissant, thinking you are being healthy by skipping butter and jam, will still pack in a surprising 373 calories and 20g of fat. Instead you can tuck in to two poached eggs on toast with grilled tomatoes with 249 calories and 12g of fat. Not only do you save 124 calories but research indicates that breakfasting on two eggs helps you to eat less at lunchtime and leaves you with a 400-calorie-a-day deficit compared with those who eat a solely carbohydrate-based breakfast. You also get two servings of your daily five fruit and vegetables with this swap.


Bacon sandwiches do not have to be off your breakfast agenda. A traditional bacon sarnie using two slices of grilled streaky bacon on two slices of buttered bread with ketchup has 440 calories. If you opt for two slices of lean grilled back bacon on bread with no butter but still have the ketchup, and also add some slices of tomato, you reduce the number of calories to 340 for a still tasty, filling breakfast. The lower calorie version also has a quarter less total fat (7g compared with 28g), and your total saturated fat falls from 14g (a woman’s daily limit is 20g and a man’s 30) to only 2.5g.

Out to lunch


A chunk of French stick from a typical sandwich shop weighs in at 200g, which gives you 526 calories before you even start thinking about filling it with anything. Opting for pitta bread gives you 200 calories, which will save you more than 300 calories in one fell swoop. Also, while the French stick is high GI, the pitta bread is low GI. Although fillings slow down digestion of the high GI French stick, it is still wise to go for a low-GI carbohydrate option to help you feel fuller for the afternoon ahead.


Having a baked potato with butter, baked beans and a sprinkling of grated cheese gives you 600 calories, compared with the potato with just the beans, a big salad with French dressing and a piece of fruit, such as a peach, for pudding, all of which comes to 500 calories. This swap also cuts fat from 20g to 9g and the total amount of saturated fat from 12g (a woman’s daily maximum is 20g of saturated fat and a man’s 30g) to only 1g. The salad and fruit also add vitamins, minerals and protective super-nutrients to your lunch.


Rather than grab a tuna mayonnaise sandwich from your local store, get up five minutes earlier and throw together a simple tuna salad sandwich. While the shop-bought version easily packs in 400 calories, you can make one at home using two slices of wholemeal bread, spread lightly with reduced fat mayonnaise, and filled with 45g of tuna canned in olive oil, drained and mixed with balsamic vinegar, and topped with slices of tomato for only 300 calories. It is quick, easy and a lot lower in fat with 9g in total, compared with at least double this amount to be found in a commercial mayonnaise-based sandwich.


A bowl of soup from a high street coffee shop makes a filling lunch. If you go for cream of tomato with basil, lentil and bacon or bean soup with a chunk of bread expect about 400 calories in a standard serving. To cut the calories, opt for a minestrone or a big serving of chilled gazpacho with a chunk of granary bread. Both options lower the calories to 300 because they contain more liquid than the filling bean or lentil and bacon soups.



If you love pain au chocolat, bear in mind that one serving gives you 380 calories. Instead toast two medium-sized slices of multigrain toast and spread over a heaped teaspoon (20g) of chocolate spread. This chocolate treat comes with 280 calories and you get the benefit of 3g of fibre in the bread along with other nutrients including the antioxidants selenium and zinc, and some energy-boosting iron, B vitamins for healthy nerves and a little vitamin E. If you also top with a few sliced strawberries, you add virtually no calories but get a good slug of vitamin C needed for great-looking skin.


Wolfing down a quick 54g bar of Dairy Milk notches up 280 calories and 17g of fat. Instead, grab a mini pack of Cadbury’s milk chocolate Buttons with just 169 calories. Eating them one by one makes the chocolate experience last longer. If you can bear it, let each one melt in your mouth for a more intense chocolate experience and you may even find that you do not need to finish the whole packet. Even if you do, you still save 111 calories.


Swapping a Mars bar with 308 calories for a four-finger Kit Kat with 220 calories leaves you room to indulge in a big punnet of raspberries and a juicy nectarine. Not only have you saved calories, you have notched up two servings of super nutrient-rich fruit to boost your summer health.


A chocolate brownie will pack in at least 260 calories per serving when bought from a typical high street coffee shop or sandwich bar. If you nip into a supermarket and search out their healthy eating ranges, most now sell tasty low-fat chocolate mousses with 80 to 100 calories per serving. You could indulge in two of them and still save yourself 100 calories or have one serving with a couple of tiny crunchy chocolate biscotti and be 100 calories in hand.

Snack attack


If you sit and nosh your way through a typical 50g handful of roasted, salted peanuts, you will rack up 301 calories, not to mention 27g of fat. Opt instead for a 45g bag of peanuts and raisins and the calories drop to 195 and the fat to 12g. You also save on salt. The salted peanuts also give you a 0.5g of salt (our upper daily limit should be 6g), but the peanuts and raisin option is almost salt-free.


If faced with a choice of hoummus and cucumber sticks or a plate of olives, go for the latter. In just three tablespoons of hoummos, you will have wolfed down 168 calories. You can, however, eat 20 olives for 68 calories, saving 100 in total. If the olives have been stored in oil, stick to 15 in total. If they are stored in brine, make sure that you have a glass of water close to hand so you don’t end up knocking back an alcoholic drink quickly to quench your thirst.


A bowl of tortilla chips is always tempting. A 50g serving (equivalent to a normal-sized bag of crisps and easy to get through over a drink or two) packs in 230 calories. Instead go for a bowl of tzatziki. You can have 150g (the amount that would fit into an individual yoghurt pot) with lots of vegetable crudités for 130 calories. You will feel far fuller, more virtuous and you’ll have saved 100 calories.


If you usually reach for a mid-afternoon flapjack thinking that this oaty, honey-packed snack is a safe choice, think again. For each 100g flapjack expect at least 493 calories and 27g of fat. You would be better off with a fruit scone, spread with a teaspoon of jam, and a tablespoon of whipped cream. In total this gives you 197 calories and 7g of fat. This saves virtually 300 calories and 20g of fat and yet seems like a far naughtier treat and is a lot more fun to eat.

Having a drink


Swap your traditional large cappuccino using whole milk with 207 calories and 11g of fat per serving for a medium-sized skinny cappuccino. Made with skimmed milk, it has 96 calories and virtually no fat. While you lose more than 100 calories and drop 11g of fat with this choice, you lose none of the bone-building calcium. You lose a small amount of vitamin A, but few of us go short on this vitamin. Always count your liquid calories when totting up your daily total. Make these drinks count as a snack instead of tucking into biscuits or chocolate.


Two mugs of tea or coffee using whole milk and two sugars together give you 134 calories. If you change to semi-skimmed milk and drop the sugar, your calories nose-dive to just 27, saving more than 100 calories in two mugs. You also reduce your sugar intake by 24g a day. An average woman eating 2,000 calories a day should be having no more than 50g of sugar (from sugar, glucose, honey and fruit juice for example) a day and a man no more than 62g.


Rather than grabbing a “thickie”-style smoothie, with 300 calories per 250ml bottle, buy three pieces of your favourite fruit. You could choose a banana, a couple of satsumas and a tub of prepeeled mango and pineapple and pick on it during the day. This will count towards three servings of fruit (compared with just two in the smoothie) and it will help to stop you picking on other snacks during the day, as well as saving you 100 calories, all in one go. To quench your thirst, just have water.


A typical bar and pub-size glass of wine comes in a 250ml serving giving you 185 calories per glass of medium white wine. Go back to the original 125ml size glasses and instantly you drop to 85 calories. If you feel this does not look a generous measure, have a big glass, but top up your wine with sparkling water. You will get a long, refreshing spritzer with all the volume, but cutting 100 calories. When it comes to shorts, opting for low-calorie mixers instead of the sugar versions saves you 100 calories with each double you order.

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Butt Exercises Series "3"

Ex.3 ... Explosive Jump ..

Continuing our Butt exercises series ... this exercise is little harder than the first two, but it gives you better results .. more muscles are moving, more fat is being burn, and the better shape and butt you get.

Here you'll find the First and Second Exercises from our series! ... and other articles to read.

How to start it:
Lunge forward with right leg until knee is bent 90 degrees, directly over ankle, left knee pointing down to the floor.
Jump up, pushing off the floor with both feet as much as you can, Switch legs in the air, landing with left foot forward in a lunge. Continue doing this, and keep switching.
Do this for 10 times at first and increase it gradually .. the more you do the better results you get.

Share with us your experiences, and tell us about yourself, or if you need a help or asking a question...
just leave a comment and say what ever you want.!
We are here to help you to lose some weight, and flatten your stomach and tummy and get a thing and hot body.
good luck

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Butt Exercise Series "2"

Going with the Butt Exercise Series, here you are the second exercise that helps you to tone your butt and thighs, and lose some weight and fat from that area in order to get a hot and slim but and body and sexy stomach.

Get on your knees and hand,with wrists aligned under shoulders and knees under hips, with your back parallel to the ground.

Drawing your abs in, lift your right leg parallel to the floor, with knee bent, foot flexed, just kicking like a donkey.

Make sure to really flex your butt for a (one-count) when your leg is fully extended back behind you.

Return to start position, repeat 15 - 20 times, then switch sides and go for another round.

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Butt Exercises Series "1"

Are you happy with Your Butt?
Most people aren't.
They think it's either too big, too small, too saggy, too flabby ... etc ...
In this Series we'll focus the butt and thigh area.
The but Exercise are great to lose fat and flatten your shape and gives you a hot tight butt you are going to love, and it is gonna be admired by others.

We'll Start with the Easy and beginners exercises moving to the advanced ones.

Ex.1 Basic Bridge:

Lie on your back, bend your knees pointing up to the ceiling, feet on the floor (hip-width_ apart, arms extended on your sides with palms facing down.

Now lift your hips toward the ceiling, pressing into your heels (but don't squeeze your glutes).

At the top of the movement, be sure to really flex your butt for a one-count then slowly lower your hips to the floor.

Repeat for 5 times (and increase gradually each time). Subscribe now To Our Feed Here > Subscribe in a reader

Push Ups Exercise

In Order to Strengthen your Shoulders, Chest Muscles, and your arms and tone them you need to do

some push ups ..

Note that I'm not coming with new exercises here, but I'm just introducing more ways available between

your hands to help you to lose some weight, and some useful information and healthy food tips in order to

lose some weight and flatten your stomach and tummy, and feel better about yourself and your life.

so ! let's do some push ups ...

Wall Push Ups, you can do it easily especially if you are a beginner..
Lean against wall with hands (shoulder-width) apart, and feet together. Keeping your body straight, slowly

lower until your nose touches the wall.
Push back to starting position ... repeat again and again.
If you find these too easy for you then try doing them leaning on a chair or bench!

The Normal Push ups... those are a bit harder..

Position body so that hands are shoulder width apart, arms fully extended, feet are together and on the

toes. If they are too difficult, try them from the knees!
Keeping body flat, lower so that nose comes to the ground.
Push up to start position and repeat it again .. till you feel that you can't go anymore.

Push Ups helps you to use your own body weight to lose your own body weight ! and lose fat and strengthen

you upper body part, and strengthen your chest muscles. You want More exercises ? Then Subscribe now To Our Feed Here > Subscribe in a reader

Lose Weight By Drinking Water

Lose some weight easily, just by drinking more water.
why it is good:
If you're trying to lose weight, water intake is important. Not only for proper digestion, but to prevent overeating. The sensation of thirst and hunger are generated simultaneously to indicate the brain's needs. If you're not getting plenty of water, you'll likely eat more to satisfy your body's urge for water. When you feel hungry, try drinking a few glasses of water first. You may not be as hungry as you think.
here you are some Tips to Reduce Fat From Your Food.
Plus water is very good for your skin, it keep it fresh and beautiful, and make it clear.

How much do you need?
basically you need to take at least 8 cups.
but there is a formula that you can use. here is an example, (If you weigh 200 lbs, divide by two to reach 100, indicating that you should get 100 ounces of water daily, You take 20% from those from your food and the other 80% (80 ounces in our example) you drink them directly... pure water daily.

doesn't work alone:
But You should be aware, That Drinking water alone is not enough to make your fit,
you need to exercise and eat healthy food .. here you are a Free Exercising Program that will help you out.

Good luck with getting fit and losing some weight ..!

How much Calories Do we Need every day?
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Free Exercising Program

Do you want to Get a HOT FLAT STOMACH like this girl?

Here you are a small exercise program to get fit and lose some weight in short period of time.

You can use this Program daily, it is small and can be done at home .. this is Only a 20 minutes daily program:

1.First of all you need to worm up a little with stretching and you can do some jumping jacks after wards .. do this for 5 minutes ..

2. Do the knee lifting exercise for 5 minutes .. do it 16 times (8 each leg), do it as much as you can but leave a space between sessions Knee Lifting Exercise.

3. Follow that with 5 minutes of the Toe Touching Exercise . take half a minute rest between sessions.

4. Do the Lower Back Muscles Exercise as it helps you to move your legs and arms at the same time and helps to stretch your stomach muscles after the Toe Touching Exercise .. do this for another 5 minutes .. 16 time (8 each side) and take half a minute rest between sessions.

you may increase those exercises as much as you can handle, but do it gradually.
Good luck

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Exercise with your own fat! (knee bending)

This exercise can be done whether you are overweight or average ...
It helps to exercise your legs muscles and your stomach muscles, and burn some fat !

To start this .. stand up with your back straight.
lift your left knee up so your thigh makes a 90 Degree corner with your body, then change legs and left your right knee up just the same.

This exercise helps you to train your stomach muscles and burn some fats from your thighs and your tummy area.

start with 16 times .. (8 each leg) .. and then reduce it gradually ...
you may do it 2 times in 1 session .. just taking 1 minute break between sessions.

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Reduce Fat

Here you are some tips to Reduce Fat from your food.

1. Use minimal amounts when preparing food.

2. If you must use oil then use a little olive or canola oil.

Use low fat dairy products. (I'll put other post for your grocery list for the best brands to buy)

Trim the fat off your meat before cooking.

Instead of frying, Grill the meat.

Avoid sausages, bacon, and processed meats such as salami, pepperoni, devon, etc.

7. Avoid foods with pastry such as pies, sausage rolls, croissants, cakes, etc.

8. Only snack on low fat, high fibre foods such as fruit and vegetables. (very Important)

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Fat Facts


For Healthy individuals, medical experts recommend that your fat consumption shouldn't not exceed 30% of your daily calories.

1600 Calories Diet - 53 grams
2200 Calories Diet - 73 grams
2800 Calories Diet - 93 grams

Monosatruated (fish, nuts, olive oil) and polysaturated (fish, seafood, sunflower oil) fats are examples of healthy fats that are good for you.

How ever you should limit the intake of trans and saturated fat (fried and commercially packaged foods).

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Tip (diet plays a role, be willing)

As you know, that getting a flat stomach and fit hot body requires more than just exercise. your diet plays an important role too .... and in this blog I am going to put some tips and information about the right food to choose and eat and information about materials insides.

Losing weight won't happen between a day and night, but it could happen in a very short period of time.
Just be willing to lose weight and fat .. and just imagine yourself a sexy hot person with a flat stomach and fit body .. put that goal between your eyes and go for it.

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Fat Burning Exercise

In this exercise, you are going to move your legs and arms, and you are going to move a lot of muscles in your body, strengthening your back muscles as well.
This movement will help you to burn Fat and get fit.

be careful: Lower back strengthening exercises should not be done to fatigue. Great benefits can be achieved without such high intensity.
Keep movements slow and controlled to avoid injury!

let burn some fat and get that flat stomach and sexy body.

1. Lie with your face down on the floor with legs and arms straight.

Slowly raise right arm and left leg together.
Pause then lower.
Repeat with left arm and right leg.

2. Slowly raise right arm and left leg.
Pause then return to start position.
Repeat with left arm and right leg.

Do this exercise for few times, 8 times (4 times each side) for a start .. especially if you are average or above .. as it is gonna be hard for you to do it.

slowly you can increase it as you get used to it..

Being fit and in shape is not hard, all you need is the will to do it.

good luck with geting flat stomach .. and HOT body.

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Exercise for tummy (toe touching)

In this exercise you need to Squeeze shoulder towards your hip to maximise contraction! in order to get the best results for your tummy shape and losing weight.

1. Lie down with your knees bent 90 degrees, and your hands behind your head, the elbows should be out of your sight.

Use your stomach moscles to lift your shoulder blades off the ground as you extend your right hand towards your right foot. touch your toes.
Slowly return to starting position.

3. do it one by one right and left up to 14 times (7 times each side)

This exercise will help you to lose fat from your
abdominal area, and will help to give you a great shape.

you can do this exercise whether you are fat, average or just trying to keep in shape ..
of course you can increase it up every time u do it.

Good luck with getting fit .. and a flat tummy

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The Calories

Calories are important because they provide the body with nutrients.
However, too many calories can cause weight gain and lead to other health problems.

So what's you ideal caloric intake?

Of course it will vary based on your age, sex, health conditions, pregnancy, ..etc. However, the National Academy of Sciences recommends the following for normal, healthy individuals:

2200 Calories - Children, teenage girls, active women and some older men
2800 Calories - Teenage boys, active men and very active women.

Once again, if you are trying to lose weight then of course your caloric intake shouldn't be that high. You may want to drop your calories anywhere from 250 to 500 per day.

Also, notice the calorie amounts for both men and women are for "active" individuals. If you are not active, then you will have to adjust your caloric intake if you want to maintain your weight.

Seek Help from professional to find out what's best for you.

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