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Healthy Food – Egg Nutrition Facts

Eggs are considered a healthy and balanced meal …

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders and fitness models include only egg whites in their meals ? is eating egg good for you and your health !? is it nutritious enough for you !? does it have Vitamins or Proteins !?
Below are the amazing nutrition facts about eggs:
1. Eggs are considered to be healthy and balanced food for all age groups
2. Most of an egg’s vitamins are in the yolk (yellow).

3. Most of an egg’s proteins and minerals are in albumen (egg white).
4. The only difference in white and brown eggs is the color of shel. Nutritionally both are same.
5. First eggs layed by young hens often have double yolks. Some older hens lay jumbo size eggs which sometimes have double yolks.
6. The best sign of freshness of an egg is that when broken into a pan it would stay firm and would not spread out fast like water.
7. To boil eggs choose 3 to 4 days old Medium or Large size eggs. They are easier to peel and are less likely to crack while boiling.
8. Egg shells are porous hence they should not be stored with products like garlic, apples, etc., which have strong odor.
9. It is always advisable to eat thoroughly cooked eggs.
Balancing your food is a key tip for a healthy body and also help you to keep your weight off … also eggs are good if you are going on a diet as it has a lot of proteins and vitamins and minerals that are mandatory for your body.
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Fitness Selfie Motivation

An amazing Fitness Girl who is a friend with  wanted to share with us a fitness selfie of her amazing body ...
She is not a personal trainer (yet) but she's an amazing working lady ... yet she's amazingly have a fit and a sexy body with a six pack abs and fit and healthy life.

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5 Fast tips to make you Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is way more than just doing a lot of Exercises and calorie counting. Although these things help, in reality it's more complicated. If you're feeling stuck in a weight-loss battle there are plenty of expert tips and industry secrets to help you on your way.
Whether you want to make your workouts work harder for you or find smarter ways of eating healthy, here under are 5 ways to cut down fat and lose weight faster and they should help you to get towards your goal.

1. Healthy hydration
Sounds obvious, we know ! but eating healthily means drinking healthily too. There’s no point eating the right foods if you don’t drink the right liquids.

From simply drinking fizzy drinks or fruit juices with extra sugars it’s estimated that people are drinking an extra 200 calories per day then they think they are. So keep the cans of fizz to a minimum.

2 Keep your diet varied
A lot of diets slip up in not providing enough variety. If you do something day in day out, you get bored of it and it won’t be as easy to stick to.

Diet Chef’s Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist, Izzy Cameron says: “The problem many of us have with dieting is that it can become repetitive and boring, meaning after a few weeks of feeling we are depriving ourselves we revert back to old habits and may binge on the wrong foods.”

So if you’re trying to slim down make sure you’re still eating a balanced, varied diet. In the long run you will probably lose much more weight.

3. Keep moving
An active lifestyle is essential for heart health, arthritis and staving off diabetes as well as lots of other health issues. But trying to fit in the 10,000 steps recommended per day to keep blood sugar levels from spiking isn't easy.

If you have a job where you're mainly sat around (which a large number of us do) then it can be extremely difficult. But doing small things like walking for 5mins at least every 2 hours can help keep your metabolism ticking over.
​Izzy says: "Exercise can definitely help with and accelerate weight loss. However exercise does not mean signing up to expensive gym memberships or having to hire a personal trainer, so don’t panic. Just keeping active for at least 30 minutes a day can make a difference. Perhaps walk to work instead of getting the bus…get off the bus a stop earlier, take a stroll on your lunch break or go out for a bike ride or do some gardening at the weekend. All these little steps will help towards achieving your weight loss goals."

4. Starving yourself won't work
Losing weight 101. Skipping meals is nothing but bad news.

Nutritionist, Emma Wight-Boycott says: “Skipping meals is disastrous for weight loss! It has a three-pronged impact - firstly it causes blood sugar imbalance which makes us crave sugar or carbohydrates within 2 hours of our regular meal time. Secondly it makes our bodies burn muscle, not fat, for energy. Finally the body has its own 'food clock' (like a body clock for time) that regulates our metabolism and this becomes sleepy or sluggish when it is out of routine (think shift workers or jet lag)."

5. Eat regularly
As well as not skipping meals, you need to make sure you’re providing your body with the right amount of energy.

Emma says: “While its good to shake our body up with different intensities of exercise its best to keep our mealtimes regular. If you find skipping meals a tempting habit try having a combined protein and fat snack or small meal instead. Do this every 2-3hrs. Eat a boiled egg, a small handful of nuts or seeds, a protein drink or 100gm of meat or cheese. Add in certain vegetables and fruit and reduce carbohydrates especially refined ones; they are the weight loss enemy!”

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Lose Weight and Get Fit & Healthy by Eating! .. Diet

We need to eat every day in order to make our body able to do the normal functions inside and out that it is supposed to do. Eating the right food that will help your body do all its functions could be tricky sometime because you need to balance what is good and what’s not, What’s enough and what’s too much for our needs (which is stored as fat in our bodies).

Before we start talking about few small Tips on what to eat and how to get rid of the fat in your tummy by just eating healthy, you should keep in your mind that you need to burn the extra energy you gain by taking food (calories) by being active and exercising, which going to make your muscles consume more of this energy with time even you are not working out.

Eating food in its natural state (or as close as possible) ensures maximum nutrients to be absorbed by the body, many of which are lost during storage, processing, and cooking.

So here you are Few Quick Tips on eating naturally:

1. Eat five everyday day :

Keep your body fit and ward off some aging diseases like Alzheimer’s to stroke and heart disease, by eating more fruit and vegetables.

They are rich in antioxidants, and the biologically active ingredients of plant pigments and flavorings have anti-aging properties, too.

Aim to eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables daily—and up to nine if you can, this will help reduce the amounts of other food you are eating (You need to eat everything and not just Fruits and Vegies).

This is going also to provide your body with the fibers it needs and the proteins and vitamins for your daily body needs.

2. Cut down on calories Not on Food !

 If you are carrying excess weight and it wont budge, it may be because you now need fewer calories. Over 50s who arent active need 200 fewer calories per day than those who lead a very physically active life. Adjust your diet to accommodate your slowing metabolism, for example, by reducing portion size rather  than by cutting out foods.

3. Fitting in fruit

To increase the number of fruit servings you eat each day, slice fresh fruit or spoon soaked dried fruit onto morning muesli. Snack on grapes, dried fruit and berries, and eat an apple or banana midmorning or afternoon.

Follow meals with a fruit salad, baked or poached fruit, or treat yourself to pieces of fruit dipped in fine dark melted chocolate.

4. Ditch dieting

Change the way you think about food and you need never worry about dieting again. Eating mostly fresh, seasonal fare frees you from faddy diets and prevents the yo-yoing weight loss and gain that often accompanies dieting (and, dermatologists state, contributes to aged-looking skin). Instead of obsessing over the scales, judge your weight by how well your clothes fit.

 Keep in mind that eating healthy food will make your body feel better and healthier, But you need to accompany that with doing exercises and being more active ...
A lot of exercises you can do easily at home .. make a small exercising program depending on your time and you can put in it a variety of exercises that won't take couple minutes to accomplish.

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How do I lose weight ? Here’s 3 of the best ways to lose weight

In current times, most people can be seen and noted to be either obese or overweight. This means that they have been eating more than they should and that they have been storing more fat than they should. This has caused their body to build up fat stores which turn into fat tissue, which is visible on a person’s body. Many people look for ways to lose weight and most of these people like to waste a lot of money after formulae and drugs that claim they can help the person in losing weight. Well, all their money goes to waste because these formulae and drugs don’t do that.
The mistake that these people make is that they want the easy way out. This means that is they want to lose weight, they will have to do it the way it is supposed to be done, not by using some magic drug that costs a lot. The best way to lose weight and the best way to experience loss of weight is not some drug, medicine or herbal additive. The best way is not one but many and all a person needs is motivation to lose weight. For all those wondering how to lose fat the best way to lose fat, here are three of the many ways a person who has weight to lose can lose it effectively.
1.   Eating right- In order to lose all that extra fat a person has, they will have to eat right. This means that they will have to maintain a healthy diet and they will also have to ensure that they help themselves to each and every component on their diet. When a person starts eating the way they are meant to, their fat stores start being utilized and the person starts losing weight, provided that the person does not just sit around but is active. Eating right is considerable the best way to lose weight.
2.   Exercise and activeness- The body uses up fat and fat stores when it is in the need for some energy. A person can trick the body into using the fat stores by implying that the body is at work and needs energy. If a person exercises and becomes active, they will notice that they get tired more often. This is because they burn fat. Once a person starts exercising and having an active routine, they will start noticing an evident change in the amount of excess fat they had on them. This may take a lot of time but this will indeed occur and the person will indeed experience weight loss.
3.   Having a clean metabolism and a good rate of metabolism- During metabolism, the body burns fat and fat stores. If a person maintains a healthy metabolism and a good rate of metabolism, they might as well be able to get the body to burn more excess fat. This will consequently lead to them burning more and more fat which means that they will be slimmer and smarter in a specific amount of time. Having and maintaining a good metabolism and metabolic rate might not be the best way to lose weight but it is a pretty good one. 

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7 Nutrition Secrets for Great Abs

Again we get back to the flat belly and the defined 6 packs abs ... Hot and amazing ... and we can get them for you .. but we need a little help from you.
Many people say that “abdominals are made in the kitchen, not in the gym,” and there’s a lot of truth to that. You can do thousands of reps of ab work every week, but if your nutrition is not in order, you can forget about getting a great set of 6-pack abs.
Here are an amazing 7 nutrition secrets for great abs:

1. Eat about 15-20% below your calorie maintenance level. If you use a more aggressive calorie deficit of 25-30%, then do not keep calories too low for too
long; increase your calories to maintenance or maintenance +10-15% 1-2 days per week.

2. Spread your calories into 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2-3 big ones. Be very conscious of portion size. If you eat too much of anything (even “healthy” food),
you can say goodbye to your abs. Period.

3. Eat a source of complete, high quality lean protein with each meal (egg whites, lean meat, fish, protein powder, etc.)

4. Choose natural, complex carbs such as vegetables, oatmeal, yams, potatoes, beans, brown rice and whole grains. Start with approximately 50% of your calories from natural carbs and reduce carbs slightly (especially late in the day) if you are not losing fat.

5. Avoid refined, simple carbs that contain white flour or white sugar.

6. Keep total fats low and saturated fats low. Aim for 20% of your total calories from fat (and no more than 30%). A little bit of “good fat” like flaxseed oil, fish fat, nuts and seeds, and so on, is better than a no-fat diet. Essential fatty acids actually assist the fat burning process.

7. Drink plenty of water—a gallon a day is a good ball-park to shoot for if you are physically active.

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9 Healthiest and Best for Lose weight Diet Vegetables

A lot of Stuff to eat while you are on a Diet And trying to lose weight, sight !
 Remember when you were a kid, and the Healthiest Vegetables were the ones you wanted to avoid the most? Now you’re all grown up and you’ve realized these crunchy cruciferous cuties may be the best thing to happen to your diet since whole-grain bread! Luckily, the healthiest vegetables also happen to be some of the tastiest vegetables… but which are truly the healthiest, and which can you continue to wrinkle your nose at? I can help… here are the 9 healthiest vegetables to add to your diet, which is gonna help you Lose more weight & Fat from your body. ... Enjoy your meals :p

1 Proccoli And Cauliflower:
Whether you munch them raw, stir-fry them, or steam them, these popular cruciferous delights look like tiny trees and rate among the healthiest vegetables. They’re packed with phytonutrients, potassium, calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamins C and K. Not a fan, but want to reap the benefits? Try them with a little low-cal, low-fat ranch dressing.

2 Leafy Greens (like kale and spinach)
Ask for seconds of salad! Most leafy greens, like spinach and kale, are their healthiest raw (like in salads) but they’re also good cooked in soups or baked in quiches. Why are they so good for you? Popeye could tell you they build strong muscles, and give you a boost of energy, with iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B, C, E and K.

3 Brussels Sprouts
These round little greens also belong to the cruciferous family, but they rate an entry of their own because (a) I’m fond of them and (b) they’re so good cooked with a little butter.
4 Tomatoes
Are they a fruit or a vegetable or something else? It depends who you ask, but either way, tomatoes are versatile, tasty, easy to grow, and loaded with good-for-you vitamins and other nutrients (like lycopene). Add them to a salad or just eat the fresh grape tomatoes by the handful… yum!
5 Red Bell Peppers
More tangy and savory than their yellow, orange or green counterparts, red bell peppers are also more nutritious, landing them squarely in the healthiest vegetables category. Why are they so good for you? Because they’re chock full of fiber, potassium, manganese and vitamins A, B, C and K. what a resume!
6 Onions
Sure, they make you cry, but they’re worth it! Onions are one of the healthiest vegetables, one of the few natural antibiotics and proven immune system boosters. A close relative, the garlic, also helps ward off vampires… right? *wink
7 Cucumber
Putting cucumber slices over your eyes can help reduce puffiness and can be quite a pick-me-up, but did you know they’re also one of the healthiest vegetables ? They’re also quite popular with kids, if you’re looking for something they might try and enjoy…
8 Carrots
Bugs Bunny was on to something! Carrots help prevent cancer and can help your eyesight with their carotenoids and vitamin A, and they’re also loaded with fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins B, C and K. They’re bland when cooked (it also leeches out the fiber), but they’re so good raw!
9 Sweet Potatoes
The humble sweet potato is good for more than just pies — enjoy them in soups or baked on their own, and get a healthy helping of carotenoids, potassium, iron, fiber and vitamins A, B6, and C.
Don’t all of these healthiest vegetables sound so good & Yummy ? Maybe Trying all of them is not so yummy for everyone .. but I'm sure you'll find something that fits you the best. Enjoy your food and make it always a HEALTHY FOOD, Which of these healthy veggies will you try first? Or do you already have a favorite here on my list? Do tell!

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Fast Flat Stomach and Losing Weight Tips (Super Sexy & Easy 2)

 Great Fast Tips for Losing weight Fast & Guaranteed if you apply them consistently. Lose the fat from your body & Abs and get the defined sexy six pack abs FAST.
Accompanied with the Proper Exercises you'll cut out a lot of your body fat and get a toned and defined body And the Sexy Legs & Flat Defined 6 pack abs stomach you wish for ... you will lose fat from your whole body by just eating healthy using those Tips ;)

4. One of the fastest ways to lose weight – not to stock up on junk food

This is also one of the most effective ways to lose weight, Ladies. Just don’t buy junk food and don’t bring it home, it’s that easy! You can’t crave what you don’t have. Well, even if you do crave it, you don’t have a choice but have something else, much healthier instead. When I start craving french fries, for example, I simply microwave a nice big potato and have it with a little bit of sour cream and spices. It tastes delicious, and the cravings? They are gone the minute I think of a baked potato I am about to have! Wondering what other foods beside obvious junk foods are bad for you? Check out this list of 12 Most Surprising Fattening Foods that should always be avoided!

5. Schedule your snacks

We’ve already covered the reasons why eating 5 times a day is an absolute must for all of us who want to lose weight fast and keep it off. What we also need to do is to make sure we snack on a schedule too! 5 time meal schedule means a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the other 2 meals are healthy snacks we need to have in between the big meals. To make it easier to remember when to have your snacks, schedule them 3 hours after breakfast and before lunch, and 3 hours after lunch, which would also be 3 hours before dinner. Eat at the same time every day and your body will know exactly when to expect its next meal. Hence, no unnecessary cravings, emotional eating, off-schedule snacking etc. which are just a few things that prevent us from successful and fast weight loss.

6. Keep a healthful snack with you

A small container of salad, grapes, an apple, even some flavored low-cal rice cakes would do. If a snack-attack strikes, you’ll be prepared… and won’t have to seek out the high-calorie, high-fat junk in the vending machine! Crave something tastier? Check out these delicious 6 Best Low Calorie Snacks.

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