Legs Exercises 3

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Continuing our Legs exercising series .. this exercise is gonna help you to tone your legs more, and strengthening your inner thighs muscles ... which is gonna give you a better figure!
This exercise is easy to do... and of course all the exercises helps you to lose weight in a way or another because you are moving your muscles and burning calories.
Do them slowly and smoothly on a firm surface. Never hold your breath while doing your exercises, as it may cause your blood pressure to rise. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop doing any exercises, and you better ask and consult your Doctor or physical thearapist.

So, How to do it:
Lie on your side. Keep your top knee bent with your foot on the mat. Lift your bottom leg up toward the ceiling and lower it slowly. just as shown in the pic.
Do this 8 times each leg .. and you can do it for 2 runs or 3 after you get used to it.

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