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We'll provide you with more details about the website and everything
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Now let's work out and move some muscles ! … move your butt !. this
exercises is related to our butt exercises series that will help in
shaping your butt and losing the extra fat there.

So here's your Hip Extension exercises … ready ? … set ! … Go

1. Lie over a bench or a padded stool face-down, with your legs hanging
off the edge of the bench.

2. Engage your abs and lift both legs to the hip height so your back and
legs become straight.

Hold yourself just like there for 5 counts, then lower your legs slowly.

Do this exercises for 10 to 15 reps.

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and abs exercises … I'm sure you'll find enough exercises to make you
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Arms work out - easy to do anywhere

Today in this Post we are going to work on you triceps. Easy to do at home and "as always" Free Exercise for your your body to reach the best body shape possible, and you are going to get rid of those flabby arms .. ;) .

Let's start the work now …

For this exercise we will need to place a Chair or a bench behind our
back (but make sure the bench or the chair are stable and won't move
while you are doing this exercise).

Sit on the edge of the chair (or bench) with a straight back. Hold on to
the chair on it's edge with the hands and keep them fully extended, and
separated at shoulder width.

Keep looking forward away from the chair. Extend your legs forward.

Move your butt 3 inches from the chair, Lower your body until your upper
arms are parallel to the ground. And from here we are going to start our

Now slowly lower your body while you inhale by bending your elbows until
they make an angle slightly smaller than 90 degrees between your upper
arms and forearms, try to keep your elbows as close as possible while
doing the exercise.

Your forearms should always be perpendicular with the ground.

Now bring your torso up again using your triceps, lift yourself back to
the start when your arms are fully extended. Tip: don't push yourself up
using your legs, just relax them and let your triceps do the work.

Repeat this exercises for 15 – 20 repetitions.

Was that too easy for your, or maybe you are a professional or a
bodybuilder, well we still having challenging things for you :

· You can put your legs on top of another bench of the same height (or
chair) in front of you in order to make the exercises more difficult.

If that is still easy, or became easy for you, we still have something
else for you.

· With a help of a partner you can place plates on the top of your lap,
but make sure here that your partner makes sure that the weights won't
move, and to stay there thought the exercise.

Again be careful with the bench or chair … and make sure they won't move
while you are doing your exercises !

If you are at home .. you can do this on the edge of your bed or sofa or
the coffee table (but just make sure it is stable enough).

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Legs & Butt exercise series

A lot of us can go to the gym and have a personal trainer to tell us
what to do and how to do the workouts and maybe what to eat. But there
are a lot of people as well who can't or don't want to go to the gym …
So Flat Stomach Tips Blog is going to help you whether you go to a gym
or not by telling you how to do your exercises for FREE of course and to
help you to get the body you ever wanted or to keep yourself fit and
healthy all the time.

Here you are another Leg and Butt exercise that you can do easily at
home … or outside, it is the step ups exercise.

It is great for runners if you like to go outside in the morning (or
any other time) for a run in the park near you .. or just around your house!

You can do this exercises on a bench in the park or just a porch step
or you can do it on a chair in your house (or even the bed can work for

Let's start the work now …..

There are many ways you can do this exercise ..

1. Straight from the ground step up onto the bench with the left leg
then raise your right knee up in the air to 90°. Then lower your right
leg again to lightly tape the ground. Then start over and bring the knee
up again, you can do this exercise for 10 reps. Then you switch to the
left leg and repeat. With time you can increase the reps you do and make
them 25 each leg.

2. Raise your left foot and put it on the bench (step or chair or what
so ever) "but be careful to fall". Pushing off from your left foot (the
one on the bench), straight your leg until you are standing on top of
the bench with that foot. Contract your rear end muscles when you
straighten your leg. Lower yourself back down and repeat with the same
leg. Do it 10 times each leg … for advanced and when you get used to it
you can do it 25 reps each leg.

3. We can do this exercises with dumbbell in the hands. Hold two
dumbbells, one in each hand at your sides. Step up onto the bench with
your left foot then step up with the right food so you are now standing
on the bench completely. Step down with your left leg, then the right
one. Repeat this starting with your right leg (change on every
repeatition) … be careful from falling. Use light weight.

This great exercise is great for your legs and Butt, it is going to burn
the fat and tone your legs and butt amazingly. It's great to strengthen
and tone legs, including quadriceps, glutes, calves and hamstrings.

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Reverse Crunch - lower abs losing fat work out

Reverse Crunch work out

This is one of the best fat burning exercises, that is going to make
your six pack muscles appear, and you will look like a hot model. Or
like a bodybuilder's six pack abs .

By targeting your lower abdominals " unlike the regular crunches" that
you are familiar with. this is a fantastic exercise to flatten your
stomach and really can help you to lose lower belly fat .

And now let's start this workout … Begin with

1. Lie on the floor on your back. Put your hands by your sides with your
balms facing the ground and your feet up and your thighs perpendicular
to the floor. They should not go down lower than this during the movement.

2. Using your lower abs, roll your pelvis backward to raise your hips
off the floor. Your knees will now be over your chest.

3. Return slowly to the starting position. You can use ankle weights to
make it more difficult.

Do 15 rips of this exercise … and you can increase it gradually when you
get used to it.

Or you can do 15 x 2 .

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Flat Stomach Tips. How to Lose Weight .. 10 Easy Fast Tips.

For many of us, weight loss literally means achieving a lower reading on
the weight scales. Unfortunately, it is this type of thinking that has
resulted in rebound weight gain, unhealthy weight loss with all sorts of
diet pills and drugs, weight loss scams and others.
For this reason, we became with "Flat Stomach Tips". Losing weight
should be done the right way in order to achieve a weight loss that is
healthy, sustainable and one that results in a sexy or well defined and
shaped body. Read more posts on Flat stomach tips blog. And you'll know
that it is one of the best ways to achieve long term, healthy and
sustainable weight loss.
What is your idea of a beautiful body? Do you relate a beautiful body to
a number on the weight scales? Flat Stomach Tips Blog provides tips and
information on how you could lose weight correctly. Use the freely
available information on this blog to achieve sustainable and long term
weight loss. Once and for all, do it right!

there are 10 simple tips that you can practice in order to achieve the
dream :

1. Set your goals slowly. Get decrease in the range of 0.5kg to 1kg per
2. can take supplements such as Glutamine each day after exercise session.
3. Reduce the intake of food or drink sweet (sugar content high).
4. just eat fruit instead.
5. drinks more mineral water and do not drink alcoholic beverages.
6. Set the time you eat each day.
7. Eat in the dining area and not in front of the tv.
8. Familiarize themselves with the smaller plates when eating.
9. Fill your days with doing certain activities to avoid fun thought of
10. Make sure you get adequate rest. For example bedtime. Sleep in 6 to
8 hours a day.
Besides those amazing tips, there are a lot of helpful tips and posts
that are gonna answer your question on how to do exercises and what
exercising programs you can do easily at home for FREE.
Look at the Previous posts section. You'll find all the older posts we
had on our Blog.

We would love to hear your comments and your stories .. and what are you
trying to achieve so we can help you to reach your goals, and have the
sexy body and flat abs you and everyone dreams of. :)

Flat Stomach Tips Team. Danny

Lunges - sexy & Hot Legs and Butt EXERCISE

I'm sure you all would love to get those legs like Eva Longoria (in the
pic) ...
In Order to get such fabulous legs and a great tight butt, we need to do
some workouts ... :)

Some people call this exercise "Buddha Lunges" ... or just known as Lunges
*How to do it:

*Start with your feet together.

Step forward with your right leg, keeping your back straight, and bend
your knees until your right knee forms a 90-degree angle.

Hold this position for a count of five then push back with your right
leg and return to start position.

Do 12 to 24 lunges on each side.

Good luck ... Flat Stomach Tips Team. Danny.

Lose weight fast Free Program and What to DO

Do you want to slim down fast for that beach vacation or high school
reunion? .. hmmmmm .. maybe for more confidence ! or just to attract
people from the other sex !? .. Well, Don't we all want that ? : ) While
there are many things we can do to shed pounds, losing weight too
quickly, like any sudden change to your body, can be dangerous. While
fat diets, diet pills, and fasting may indeed induce rapid weight loss,
these methods can cause you to lose muscle and may also injure your
heart and other organs fairly quickly. The best solution? Don't go for
an overnight miracle. Instead, follow these steps to lose fat rapidly,
healthily, and sustainably.

* *Determine your daily calorie intake *
* *Go over the list and decide which foods to cut out or reduce.*
* *Seek out alternatives to the unhealthy foods you've identified.*
* *Plan your meals*
* *Watch your portion sizes.*
* Graze on Healthy Snacks
* Get more Fiber
* Drink Plenty of water
* Exercise
* Perform High level Aerobic activities
* Pump Some Iron
* Rest Properly
* Be Realistic (don't expect a miracle)!
* Make Adjustments (when needed)
* Be Confident
* *Be consistent and disciplined, and have self motivation*.

You'll find a lot of tips and more explanations about all these steps in
our Previous posts (the list on the right) ... and you'll find much more
on each page ! ...

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4 Tips For Burning Your Calories (Part 2)

(Would you like to have such a hot and Flat stomach!! ... ) ?? ..."YES"
... That's What I thought! ... Let's work on it together!
Here you are the 3rd and the 4th Tips from our previous Articles!

3. Choose your food
You should know that carbohydrate and fatty food contribute fats to your
body, making you gain weight and girth size. So, avoid foods like fast
food, pastries, junk food and others. Instead, increase intake of
protein (helps build your muscles), fibers (increases the feeling of
fullness) and drink more water (helps your bowel movement).

4. Avoid dieting
This often doesn't help in losing weight. Even if it does, it is hardly
effective on its own. You also need to have very strong determination
and discipline if you were to lose weight by dieting. The worst thing
about dieting is that you can end up being heavier than before if you
stop dieting. Can you imagine the pain from the yoyo effect?

Since you read all the tips, you should have a better idea of what you
need to do to achieve your ideal figure. Go for it and achieve what you
want as soon as possible.

4 Tips For Burning Your Calories (Part 1)


You probably know that the number of calories you burn is less than the number of calories you took. By following the tips below, you will be able to burn more calories effectively:

1. Exercise

You might be aware that exercises like cardio workout and weight lifting will help you to burn calories. Cardio workout will boost your heart rate and increase faster blood flow. You will sweat and breath harder therefore burning more calories. Weight lifting helps you to build muscle and the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. In this blog there are a LOT of exercises you can do (check previous posts).

2. Eat frequently but less

Most nutrition experts agree that you should eat less but have more meals to burn calories effectively. This is because your digestive system will burn food and calories every time you eat. So, the more frequent you eat, the more calories you burn. Just remember that the important key is to eat less in your frequent meals.

Tips, 3 and 4 are coming sooooon!


More Legs Exercises !

Hi there, ..
Here you are Another Exercises from this Summer Series .. that you can use to strengthen you muscles ... and lose

some weight from you body !

Jumping Up:

This Exercises Is easy and simple .. and can be done anywhere !

Standing next to a wall, hold a piece of tape or chalk in your hand and jump as high as you can, marking a spot.

Now, with both arms over your head, crouch and then jump, touching the mark with both hands.

Try to land in a balanced position—avoid taking a step backward or forward. Then crouch and repeat.

Good luck and Enjoy

Be careful, if you have any problems in your knees or feet ... better ask a doctor before doing this exercise. !

You may Ask question .. or if you need an advice of what to do .. or anything .. we love to hear from you !
good luck

Butt Exercise 5

The new Posts of 2009 Summer, are you ready to be Fit, Hot and Sexy ... Lose weight .. be fit and feel great !
Here you are the New posts of 2009 summer ... besides the previous posts ; )

Tennis Ball Squats:
Stand facing a wall, about six feet away.
Holding a tennis ball in your right hand, lower yourself into a squat position—feet shoulder-width apart, legs bent to nearly a 90-degree angle.
Now throw the tennis ball against the wall with your right hand and catch it with your left. (This may take some practice.) Then throw it back at the wall and catch it with your right hand.

Butt Exercise 4
Butt Exercise 3
Butt Exercise 2
Butt Exercise 1
let us hear from you !
Flat Stomach Tips Team

Measure your weight ! is it normal?

We are not gonna talk about the risks of being overweight ... we'll just go directly to see whether your weight is Normal or not ... !
All we are going to do is some simple calculations ....

And I am going to give you my measures as an example so you know how to calculate yours :

All we need to know :
1. Your weight by Kg ... mine is : 65 kg
2. Your Height by Meter mine is : 1.78 m

Now we'll square the height ... Mine is gonna be: (1.78) ^ 2 = 1.78 x 1.78 = 3.1684
Now we will divide the weight on the Height squar ... : 65 / 3.1684 = 20.5151

Now we will compare it with the table down there :

Less than 20 Under the normal weight

20 - 25 NORMAL

25 - 30 Over the Normal Weight

30 - 35 Fat

35 - 40 Very Fat

More than 40 Extremely Fat

I think I need to do some work outs and gain some more muscle mass

This Calculations are taking from a magazine related to health.

BUT keep in mind that such measures and calculations, is a good reason for you to work harder for your health and your body and your life.

Hopefully we are giving a hand for all of you to get the best out of you. and to work together for better life.

We still would love to hear from you, your comment and questions (related to the exercises) ... and your stories if you'd like to share with us ..

The exercises list are on your left .... pick the ones that suits ur needs ...
Enjoy ... and Be always happy with exercising.

COMING SOON ... 2009 Summer ... Lose weight , lose fat, get fit, be charming and hot!

Bicycle exercise for Flat stomach .. easy and free

The Bicycle exercise is the best move to target the rectus abdominis (i.e., the 'six pack') and the obliques (the waist),

according to a study done by the American Council on Exercise. To do this exercise correctly:

1. Lie face up on the floor and lace your fingers behind your head.
2. Bring the knees in towards the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the ground without pulling on the neck.
3. Straighten the left leg out while simultaneously turning the upper body to the right, bringing the left elbow

towards the right knee.
4. Switch sides, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee.
5. Continue alternating sides in a 'pedaling' motion for 12-16 reps.

Flat Abs ... Quick Fast Strong ... and easy TORNADO

Toned, Sexy tummy seems like a Dream for almost everyone these days.

Getting your Dream come true is easier than you think, just spend 15 minute a day, and your Dream of the Sexy Flat toned stomach and abs is gonna become true ... sooner than you think it would.

Here you are the Tornado exercises, this will help you to be active, especially if you stay stuck to a chair at your work all the time.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, right leg in front of left, right foot turned out.

Bend elbows and raise arms out to sides at shoulder level (like goalposts).

In one motion, raise right knee to lowered right elbow.

Return to start; switch sides and repeat to complete one rep.

Do it about 10 - 15 Reps.

Here you'll find the Exercise Program for Christmas and Valentine Day ... You still have time !
and of course you can add more exercises or change exercises to fit with your needs ...

We still would love to hear from you .... Good luck