Flat Abs ... Quick Fast Strong ... and easy TORNADO

Toned, Sexy tummy seems like a Dream for almost everyone these days.

Getting your Dream come true is easier than you think, just spend 15 minute a day, and your Dream of the Sexy Flat toned stomach and abs is gonna become true ... sooner than you think it would.

Here you are the Tornado exercises, this will help you to be active, especially if you stay stuck to a chair at your work all the time.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, right leg in front of left, right foot turned out.

Bend elbows and raise arms out to sides at shoulder level (like goalposts).

In one motion, raise right knee to lowered right elbow.

Return to start; switch sides and repeat to complete one rep.

Do it about 10 - 15 Reps.

Here you'll find the Exercise Program for Christmas and Valentine Day ... You still have time !
and of course you can add more exercises or change exercises to fit with your needs ...

We still would love to hear from you .... Good luck