Measure your weight ! is it normal?

We are not gonna talk about the risks of being overweight ... we'll just go directly to see whether your weight is Normal or not ... !
All we are going to do is some simple calculations ....

And I am going to give you my measures as an example so you know how to calculate yours :

All we need to know :
1. Your weight by Kg ... mine is : 65 kg
2. Your Height by Meter mine is : 1.78 m

Now we'll square the height ... Mine is gonna be: (1.78) ^ 2 = 1.78 x 1.78 = 3.1684
Now we will divide the weight on the Height squar ... : 65 / 3.1684 = 20.5151

Now we will compare it with the table down there :

Less than 20 Under the normal weight

20 - 25 NORMAL

25 - 30 Over the Normal Weight

30 - 35 Fat

35 - 40 Very Fat

More than 40 Extremely Fat

I think I need to do some work outs and gain some more muscle mass

This Calculations are taking from a magazine related to health.

BUT keep in mind that such measures and calculations, is a good reason for you to work harder for your health and your body and your life.

Hopefully we are giving a hand for all of you to get the best out of you. and to work together for better life.

We still would love to hear from you, your comment and questions (related to the exercises) ... and your stories if you'd like to share with us ..

The exercises list are on your left .... pick the ones that suits ur needs ...
Enjoy ... and Be always happy with exercising.

COMING SOON ... 2009 Summer ... Lose weight , lose fat, get fit, be charming and hot!