Legs & Butt exercise series

A lot of us can go to the gym and have a personal trainer to tell us
what to do and how to do the workouts and maybe what to eat. But there
are a lot of people as well who can't or don't want to go to the gym …
So Flat Stomach Tips Blog is going to help you whether you go to a gym
or not by telling you how to do your exercises for FREE of course and to
help you to get the body you ever wanted or to keep yourself fit and
healthy all the time.

Here you are another Leg and Butt exercise that you can do easily at
home … or outside, it is the step ups exercise.

It is great for runners if you like to go outside in the morning (or
any other time) for a run in the park near you .. or just around your house!

You can do this exercises on a bench in the park or just a porch step
or you can do it on a chair in your house (or even the bed can work for

Let's start the work now …..

There are many ways you can do this exercise ..

1. Straight from the ground step up onto the bench with the left leg
then raise your right knee up in the air to 90°. Then lower your right
leg again to lightly tape the ground. Then start over and bring the knee
up again, you can do this exercise for 10 reps. Then you switch to the
left leg and repeat. With time you can increase the reps you do and make
them 25 each leg.

2. Raise your left foot and put it on the bench (step or chair or what
so ever) "but be careful to fall". Pushing off from your left foot (the
one on the bench), straight your leg until you are standing on top of
the bench with that foot. Contract your rear end muscles when you
straighten your leg. Lower yourself back down and repeat with the same
leg. Do it 10 times each leg … for advanced and when you get used to it
you can do it 25 reps each leg.

3. We can do this exercises with dumbbell in the hands. Hold two
dumbbells, one in each hand at your sides. Step up onto the bench with
your left foot then step up with the right food so you are now standing
on the bench completely. Step down with your left leg, then the right
one. Repeat this starting with your right leg (change on every
repeatition) … be careful from falling. Use light weight.

This great exercise is great for your legs and Butt, it is going to burn
the fat and tone your legs and butt amazingly. It's great to strengthen
and tone legs, including quadriceps, glutes, calves and hamstrings.

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Reverse Crunch - lower abs losing fat work out

Reverse Crunch work out

This is one of the best fat burning exercises, that is going to make
your six pack muscles appear, and you will look like a hot model. Or
like a bodybuilder's six pack abs .

By targeting your lower abdominals " unlike the regular crunches" that
you are familiar with. this is a fantastic exercise to flatten your
stomach and really can help you to lose lower belly fat .

And now let's start this workout … Begin with

1. Lie on the floor on your back. Put your hands by your sides with your
balms facing the ground and your feet up and your thighs perpendicular
to the floor. They should not go down lower than this during the movement.

2. Using your lower abs, roll your pelvis backward to raise your hips
off the floor. Your knees will now be over your chest.

3. Return slowly to the starting position. You can use ankle weights to
make it more difficult.

Do 15 rips of this exercise … and you can increase it gradually when you
get used to it.

Or you can do 15 x 2 .

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