Arms work out - easy to do anywhere

Today in this Post we are going to work on you triceps. Easy to do at home and "as always" Free Exercise for your your body to reach the best body shape possible, and you are going to get rid of those flabby arms .. ;) .

Let's start the work now …

For this exercise we will need to place a Chair or a bench behind our
back (but make sure the bench or the chair are stable and won't move
while you are doing this exercise).

Sit on the edge of the chair (or bench) with a straight back. Hold on to
the chair on it's edge with the hands and keep them fully extended, and
separated at shoulder width.

Keep looking forward away from the chair. Extend your legs forward.

Move your butt 3 inches from the chair, Lower your body until your upper
arms are parallel to the ground. And from here we are going to start our

Now slowly lower your body while you inhale by bending your elbows until
they make an angle slightly smaller than 90 degrees between your upper
arms and forearms, try to keep your elbows as close as possible while
doing the exercise.

Your forearms should always be perpendicular with the ground.

Now bring your torso up again using your triceps, lift yourself back to
the start when your arms are fully extended. Tip: don't push yourself up
using your legs, just relax them and let your triceps do the work.

Repeat this exercises for 15 – 20 repetitions.

Was that too easy for your, or maybe you are a professional or a
bodybuilder, well we still having challenging things for you :

· You can put your legs on top of another bench of the same height (or
chair) in front of you in order to make the exercises more difficult.

If that is still easy, or became easy for you, we still have something
else for you.

· With a help of a partner you can place plates on the top of your lap,
but make sure here that your partner makes sure that the weights won't
move, and to stay there thought the exercise.

Again be careful with the bench or chair … and make sure they won't move
while you are doing your exercises !

If you are at home .. you can do this on the edge of your bed or sofa or
the coffee table (but just make sure it is stable enough).

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