Fast Flat Stomach & Abs ... Twisted sit up exercise  .:: ::.

Fast Flat Stomach & Abs ... Twisted sit ups .:: ::.

Here's another Amazing Exercise you Can do at Home after you became used to the Normal Situps (link) we wrote about earlier ..
This amazing exercise will help you to lose more fat from you belly and hips fast. and it's amazing for defining the Tummy muscles and give

you a Flat Abs in a Fast period of time.
Get Ready, Set, GO !

1.Lie on your back on the floor and hook your toes under a heavy piece of furniture. Even better, use an ab board and hook your toes under the ankle constraints.

2. Bend your knee comfortably and keep them bent throughout the entire set. This helps to relieve concentrated back strain.

3. Place your fingers behind your ears, don’t pull on your head you will damage your neck.

4. Curl your head, shoulders, upper back and lower back slowly in succession off the floor and twist your torso to the left touching your left knee with right elbow.

5. Hold the upright position for a second and reverse the movement slowly until reaching the starting point.

6. Perform the sit up again but this time twist to the right, touching you right knee with left shoulder.

7. Hold the upright position for a second and reverse the movement slowly until reaching the starting point.

8. Resistance may be added by varying the degree of incline if you are using an ab bench or by holding a weighed barbell plate behind your head. Advanced athletes may want to do both! (you only use this when you get used to the exercise and getting advanced with it).

9. Continue reps right and left until the end of the set.

Exercising & Antiaging ... Become Young, Fit & Healthy

Regular exercise is the key to healthy muscles, bones,
and body systems. Physical training plays an essential role in antiaging
stress-busting. people who exercise report better moods and more
energy than those who don’t, and they suffer less insomnia and
stress-related symptoms. And at this time of changing body shape,
exercise bolsters self-confidence as you see muscles become toned,
posture lift, stamina, flexibility, and range of motion increase. Exercise
also keeps the brain functioning in a youthful way, by boosting
circulation and right-left brain coordination. Mentally challenging
activities, from bridge to Sudoku, keep the memory sharp and build
connections between brain cells that help keep your reasoning sharp.

By strengthening muscles and bones as the body ages,
exercise sustains good posture, bone density, and joint
mobility, which in turn keeps you active and able to
exercise—a positive spiral. And by boosting the efficiency
of the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs), exercise
helps every part of the body function efficiently.

So How often to exercise !?
Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week (at least five).  prevent weight gain, you might need to boost that time slot to 60 minutes. Two of those sessions should ncorporate weight training

Tip: Exercise outdoors, Amazing !:
It can be joyous to exercise outdoors—a boost for spirit as well as body. The  feel-good buzz after exercising in nature leaves you feeling exhilarated, yet grounded
and calm. Whenever possible, find an excuse to walk a clifftop path, go jogging at dawn, swim in the ocean, or practice yoga in the yard (upwardfacing poses take on another dimension when you stare at the sky). Find a t’ai chi class that practices regularly in a park: gain courage from numbers.

Try to make it as Four-stage workout ! :
For an effective workout make sure your exercise sessions include four main elements: a gentle warm-up followed by aerobic or cardiovascular exercise to work the To heart and lungs, weight-bearing exercises to strengthen muscles and bones, and finally a cool down stretch and relaxation.

Being Active is going to help you lose weight, and not gaining anymore fat in your body & it is going to tone your muscles and keep you feeling young and active.

Enjoy! Stay Young, Fit, Healthy &Hot ....

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