Leg Raise Exercise - Flat Stomach Fast

Leg Raise exercuse, is a great wrok out to lose fat from your lower abs and losing weight. Also it is great for the Front thighs muscles, will help in tonning your thighs & your butt.
Ready ? let's do it :) ....

1. First, Lie flat on your back on the floor or exercise mat.

2. Place both your hands just past or underneath your bum.

3. Keeping your legs together bend your knees very slightly keeping
your feet off the floor.

4. Use your abdominal muscles to slowly raise your feet upward in
an arc until they are above your hips.

5. Slowly turn them to the starting position just above the floor.

6. Repeat these movements until you have completed the required
number of repetitions.

7. If you find this to hard just bring your knees up to your chest and
then put feet back to original position, instead of raising the whole
leg to a vertical position.

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Enjoy ;)