Side Bends exercises flat stomach & love handles shaping

All of Us want to have the Sexy six pack abs in our stomach and reduce the fat in the Love handles ... But not everyone have those!.
We are here to help you in this through our easy to do exercises .. you will get a fast flat stomach and a hot fit tummy and lose Fat from your love handles .. "of course that depends on how much fat you already have in the area there", whether you were a bigenner or Advanced Athelete .. This FREE series of FAST FLAT STOMACH TIPs & EXERCISEs Will get you the Fit and HOT Sexy body you Want.

The Side bends is a very easy to do exercise to lose fat from your love handles and tummy, and it will help you to define your six pack abs .. you can do this anywhere in your house, while watching tv or even if you were in the kitchen or watching your kids. you may even play with them and teach them how to do it themselves :p

First 1. Stand up straight with your arms straight down at your sides.

2. Bend sideways holding your pelvis very firm. First one shoulder should bend down toward the floor.

3. When you reach a point where you cannot bend further, inhale, hold your breath and raise yourself back to the erect starting position exhaling when you reach the vertical position.
Can be done
holding a weight in your hand to increase difficulty of the exercise

4. Repeat this movement numerous times before switching to the
opposite shoulder.

OR, you may do it Switching every rep, right side then left side
Do this exercise for 20 reps each side . or you may do 2 sets of 20 reps each if you were switching sides on each rep.

Have fun ;) and Get Fit, Healthy & Sexy :p

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