Spider Man Push Ups ... (no spiders included :p )

The exercise is an ultimate workout not just for its name, but the results also.
This workout is going to work your upper body muscles (chest, shoulders and arms) and at the same time to work on the core muscles – our favorite six-packs.

The Spiderman push up exercise is a variation of the standard push up, that adds in hip flexion. Named as the action resembles Spider-Man climbing up a wall, but just on the floor. The spider-man push up is excellent for improving hip flexibility and incorporating an oblique crunch.

 Another beauty of this exercise is that it is challenging for the chest muscles. It puts more pressure on them, creating additional strength and agility. Here is how to perform them.  

Ready to burn some fat and get some strenghth ? .. let's go !

  1. Start in the standard push up position, with your hands under your shoulders and your body in a straight line.
  2. As you lower your body towards the floor, bend your elbows out to the side.
  3. At the same time, lift one foot off the floor, bend the knee to the side up to hip level.
  4. As you bend your elbows out to the side and lower your torso toward the floor,
  5. Repeat this action, alternating side (lift the left leg first and move it towards the left elbow. When pushing off the floor, return the leg to its initial position and start the other repletion with the right leg).

This is a challenging workout and it really triggers the muscles for strength and sweat. It is great for the core muscles as they are trying to maintain the body straight in position and do the leg lifting at the same time.

It was Pleasure to work out with you in 2012 :) ... Hope we meet again soon ... and thanks for your Dedication Flat Stomach Tips Followers ;)

Have an Amazing 2013 Body :p