Snow ? that's still not an excuse ;) ... get ready

While some southern parts of the world is enjoying summer ... it's winter in the other half now ... and it's snowing in many places or it will snow eventually :) .. so if that interrupted your Running and going to the gym plans, well that's still not an execuse :) .... So get ready we are going to work your arms, shoulders, chest, Butt, and we'll do a little work on your spirit too ;)
I've got some Funny work out pictures for you to enjoy ..... and yes that's snow
First just get read wear your clothes and to make sure you won't get cold .. and here's what you can do:

1. Shoveling snow infront of your door way .... if there isn't a lot of snow to satisfy your workout ... there's always a nighbours door ;) .. I'm sure they will appreciate your help.

2. You can just play with your kids, in making a giant snowman .. Be creative ... and I mean a GIANT one this will be a nice work out and fun with your kids as well

3. for your legs, and arms and shoulders .... what about a 20 Snow angels ? hmmm I like that .. make them as deep as you can, you can also make them with your kids too (they can't do them on behalf on you lol) ...

Just HAVE FUN .... good work outs for your body and your spirit and your kids ;)

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Enjoy ;)