Lose Weight and Get Fit & Healthy by Eating! .. Diet

We need to eat every day in order to make our body able to do the normal functions inside and out that it is supposed to do. Eating the right food that will help your body do all its functions could be tricky sometime because you need to balance what is good and what’s not, What’s enough and what’s too much for our needs (which is stored as fat in our bodies).

Before we start talking about few small Tips on what to eat and how to get rid of the fat in your tummy by just eating healthy, you should keep in your mind that you need to burn the extra energy you gain by taking food (calories) by being active and exercising, which going to make your muscles consume more of this energy with time even you are not working out.

Eating food in its natural state (or as close as possible) ensures maximum nutrients to be absorbed by the body, many of which are lost during storage, processing, and cooking.

So here you are Few Quick Tips on eating naturally:

1. Eat five everyday day :

Keep your body fit and ward off some aging diseases like Alzheimer’s to stroke and heart disease, by eating more fruit and vegetables.

They are rich in antioxidants, and the biologically active ingredients of plant pigments and flavorings have anti-aging properties, too.

Aim to eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables daily—and up to nine if you can, this will help reduce the amounts of other food you are eating (You need to eat everything and not just Fruits and Vegies).

This is going also to provide your body with the fibers it needs and the proteins and vitamins for your daily body needs.

2. Cut down on calories Not on Food !

 If you are carrying excess weight and it wont budge, it may be because you now need fewer calories. Over 50s who arent active need 200 fewer calories per day than those who lead a very physically active life. Adjust your diet to accommodate your slowing metabolism, for example, by reducing portion size rather  than by cutting out foods.

3. Fitting in fruit

To increase the number of fruit servings you eat each day, slice fresh fruit or spoon soaked dried fruit onto morning muesli. Snack on grapes, dried fruit and berries, and eat an apple or banana midmorning or afternoon.

Follow meals with a fruit salad, baked or poached fruit, or treat yourself to pieces of fruit dipped in fine dark melted chocolate.

4. Ditch dieting

Change the way you think about food and you need never worry about dieting again. Eating mostly fresh, seasonal fare frees you from faddy diets and prevents the yo-yoing weight loss and gain that often accompanies dieting (and, dermatologists state, contributes to aged-looking skin). Instead of obsessing over the scales, judge your weight by how well your clothes fit.

 Keep in mind that eating healthy food will make your body feel better and healthier, But you need to accompany that with doing exercises and being more active ...
A lot of exercises you can do easily at home .. make a small exercising program depending on your time and you can put in it a variety of exercises that won't take couple minutes to accomplish.

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